I have a Samsung NX10 Compact System Camera. I am very pleased with the Samsung and the pictures that it produces. I have three Samsung NX mount lenses.

But I am looking to upgrade from the Samsung NX10 to a DSLR. I have a certain budget limit. A full-frame 35mm sensor camera is too expensive.

So I have checked out the best crop-frame or APS-C sensor DSLRs. The Nikon D7000 seems to be a good camera according to the reviews. Presently I can scrap up enough funds to buy the camera and a 300-400 fix-focal length or "pancake" lens.

But I have noted that the Nikon D7000 has only the same size sensor as the Samsung. Also I will need to upgrade my present Photoshop CS4 to CS5 in order to be able to manipulate the Nikon's images.

Does anyone have any experience of upgrading from a CSC (with an APS-C sensor) to a DSLR with an APS-C sensor please ? If so, is the financial outlay worth it. Are the Nikon's images much better than the Samsung. Much of my photography is studio or landscapes with some family images.

Does anyone have any ideas or comments please ?

Many thanks