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    Default Which camera would be best?

    Hi, I am looking to buy a new camera as I would like to get into photography. I am currently using an old Nikon point and shoot and would like something better.

    I want a camera with both manual and auto settings, a half decent zoom, good video quality, manual zoom and that will not break the bank (looking to spend under 200 if possible).

    The photos I would be taking would be mostly of horses in the field, being ridden etc. and so would the videos.

    I'm having trouble finding something to fit these requirements. Is there any cameras that you would recommend?

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    From your requirements I'd recommend the, which can be found for well under the 200 mark at a number of retailers. It has an impressive 15x zoom, 16MP sensor and full manual controls as well as a rapid continuous shot rate for taking images of fast-moving subjects and 1080p HD video mode.


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