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    Default Using the lens blur tool to its full potential

    A little article I wrote on the lens blur tool

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    nice one rob

    i some times do some thing like that but i dont all ways make a mask what i do is do the blur to the whole photo normal copy under it and add adjustment layer on the blured copy and invert it and paint back in the blur i find this some times quicker with the same kind of look


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    Yeah my way is kinda long winded, I find painting around hair to be an impossible task though which is why I do the whole cutting out thing with the refine edge
    Having said that, youve just given me an idea, theres a refine mask tool, boom shall have a go with that tonight ;P

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    thats great thanks for sharing

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    thats the love of photoshop rob theres so many things inside it to do the job i love the software

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    Thanks wave
    And I know right blitz, pretty much endless capabilities, you heard about the new motion blur fix tool that could be in CS6? should be immense!

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    Check this out, the tutorial looks a whole lot better there

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    Quote Originally Posted by R0B View Post
    Check this out, the tutorial looks a whole lot better there
    yep i saw that should be good


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