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    Default Should i buy Lumix LX5 or Sony Nex-C3

    Hi All

    I currently have a cheap digital camera and i'm looking to upgrade to something in the 300-400 bracket.

    I'm a novice photographer and really just want something that is easy to use and takes good quality photos/ videos.

    I have narrowed it down to the LX5 or the Nex-C3, however i'm really struggling to work out which one would be the best for me, please help!



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    Hi and welcome first what do you take pictures of. These are two very different cameras the nex uses interchangeable lens, both are reviewed here on this site which may give you a better understanding of both.

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    Hi there Chris25 and welcome to the WDC forum.

    As wave's pointed out, you've narrowed it down to a high-quality enthusiast compact and one of the latest Compact System Cameras. If this is the first time you've come across the system, these cameras have sensors that are the same or similar size to most DSLRs, and much bigger than those found in the majority of compact cameras. And just like a DSLR, they allow you to swap lenses over should you wish as well.

    So before you narrow it down to a specific model, decide which system you want to go for. If size and portability is your main criteria, go for a compact. If improved image quality and creative control is more you, then go for a CSC.

    The LX5 is a great, high quality compact camera with a range of creative controls, while the the Olympus XZ-1 is also worth checking out as well.

    If you opt for a CSC, the NEX-C3 is a great choice - image quality is excellent and performs very well. Small grumbles are the size of the lenses, while you can spend a bit of time in the menu to get to settings. Also check out the Panasonic GF3 - smaller and more compact than the NEX-C3, it's very intuitive to use, while the slightly smaller sensor means lenses are also more compact.

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    Thanks both for the feedback, i have to admit i didnt realise there was such a wide variety of camera types until i started looking into it!

    My partner & I are expecting a baby in the new year and therefore i'm sure most of the photos / videos will centre around this!

    From the reviews and your feedback below i am swaying towards the LX5 or something similar as ulitmately size, portability, and ease of use are the 3 of the most important things to me.


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