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    Default Any compacts that are really fast to start up?

    Hi all.

    Looking to buy a new camera, but bamboozled by the choice available. Have checked many of the reviews but couldn't find the information I need.

    Requirements are:

    Small (has to fit in my handbag along with all my other junk)
    Lightweight (see above re lots of stuff in handbag)
    Has to be able to take a few knocks and scrapes as I can be quite clumsy
    Preferably less than 150
    Needs to be quick to start up.

    It's this last requirement that's defeating me in the search. Most reviews don't seem to note how fast they are to boot up and the one that did mention it said the camera started up in 2.5 seconds. Now maybe I'm being unrealistic (my last camera came with film - anyone else remember that?) but 2.5 seconds seems to me to be awfully slow if I'm trying to catch something happening right *now*...

    I'm not fussed really on features or the ability to manipulate photos as I can do most of that on my computer, but obviously the better the photo quality I can wrestle from the camera the happier I'll be.

    Are there any cameras that are going to fit all my requirements or am I going to have to sacrifice a requisite?

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    Hi Topaz
    Welcome to the forum. You could take a look at the Nikon coolpix S8100 it seems to tick all your boxes except for the price it's around 220. Hope this helps

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    Thanks, Graham for the quick response and advice.

    The Nikon coolpix S8100 does seem to fit nearly all my requirements so I'll give it a closer look in person. My one slight concern is that the review noted it doesn't seem to take very good night photos and as I'm visiting Venice shortly I'm expecting to want to take some shots of Venice at night. But I might cope if I have to sacrifice that feature for better speed.

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    Hi Topazmine,

    Welcome to the Forum. We'd recommend you take a look at the Canon IXUS 220HS. It's a great compact and fits most of your requirements. Its compact, has a high-quality exterior finish and can be picked up for just under 150. The zoom isn't as broad as some, but will be suitable for a lot of subjects, while the image quality is very good for a compact of this class. If you're off to Venice, we'd recommend you take a tripod or some other support for low-light shooting. Most compacts struggle if you're intending to do handheld shooting at night.

    With a compact camera, be prepared for a slight delay from switching the camera on to be able to shoot. Some are better than others, but you'll still experience a slight delay with even the best models. Pop down to your local camera store and try the 220HS out yourself to see if its quick enough for you.

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    Hi Phil, and thanks for the suggestion. It's good to have a choice when looking around.

    Also thanks for the pointer about using the tripod. I guess it's obvious I'm almost a complete novice which is of course why I don't want to splash out too much at this point on a camera.

    Haven't had a chance to look at either camera yet, but will do so this weekend, and I'll be sure to report back on which I bought.

    Really looking forward to seeing what I can get out of Venice. I suspect quite a lot, even if I am just starting again!

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