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    Default Japanese photography

    Can any one recommend a book on Japanese photography. I goggled a few things but so far found nothing of relevance. I'm interested in how they can have some of the photo overexposed some underexposed, some of it sharp and some blurred and all of it with grain and a lot of confusion, yet when you see a photo they are astoundingly good Thanks ... graham

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    hi graham

    would they not get this kind of photo's in post with layer mask's m8

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    Hi Russ
    I tried it on photoshop with some success. The book I'm looking for is more composition than anything else . I got my old Canon film camera (eos 750 ) and will be using it for this project Thanks once again... graham

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    hi graham
    i dont now any other way you could get that look is this done in cam then or in post in the books your looking for ?


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