I have for years stuck with manual focus prime lenses; they are small, lightweight, and optically fast. Typically Iíve been shooting with lenses at f2 or better while Nikonís AF range has largely been designed at f2.8 maximum aperture. I just bought a D2x and wanted to see what a modern lens would do for me, what 20+ years of technology really gives us. So I invested in a Nikkor 105mm AF-S IF-ED G VR N Micro. Much bulkier than my AI-S version, but it sits well on the large D2x body. Focus is fast, with minimum hunting. VR works really well. Results are crackingly sharp. A real wrench for me moving from manual focus, but I donít regret it. Pros: Fast optically and mechanically, very sharp. Cons: Bulky for a smaller camera, gelded, and now I want to spend thousands on more of Nikonís modern range of lenses.