Hi Everyone,
I'm new to this forum and would like to present an annoying issue concerning my Sigma 17-70 DC lens. I was recently asked to film a graduation celebration. I used an FZ-45 for this purpose, but also had my EOS 400D with me with the above mentioned lens, just in case I wanted to take pictures. I was stunned, that the FZ-45 at about 400mm equiv. (ISO 400, Optical Stabilisation) took nice, sharp pictures, from hand. My DSLR could not do that at 110mm.... What is happening? The 17-70 is supposed to be a fairly good lens, no way a Super Zoom would perform better.

My Q is.. What to do now? Buy an FZ-45 and basically avoid or sell my current setup, or try an 18-200mm DC OS? What other factors could contribute to low light photographing capability other than f,iso, OS?

What could I really expect of OS? (Literature says 2 stops.. I don't believe that at the above mentioned issue 2 stops would give me the solution.)

Thanks for any help guys!!
Have a nice day!