As the contented owner of two old pocket Sony DSC F88s (spent 100 repairing them both recently) and the Sony Cybershot DSC F828 with the Zeiss 28-200 (equiv) lens and swivelling barrel, I am completely mystified as to why people buy fixed lens/screen anything else. With my cameras I can copy documents and data off video monitors, notice boards at all heights, pictures at all heights, the bottom shelf of any display without getting down on my stomach, under my car, down on top of high objects, photograph at all sorts of awkward angles, shoot upwards into small spaces where my head won't fit, photograph people (criminals!) at 90 degrees to me without making them feel self conscious and angry (facing the other way for safety) and generally laugh at people using every other type pof camera that does not have either a swivelling lens or screen.

Why on earth aren't people simply voting with their for common sense and to stop manufacturers making these daft (and sometimes offensive - point straight at you and shoot) cameras limited to - well, limited.

Perhaps I shouldn't put ideas into their heads, but for the "what the butler saw" types, you can even shoot through letterboxes and/or see where the key is dangling.

The fixed lens/screen cameras on the market today (95%) make no sense and that is someone speaking who has a full rnge of non-arthritic joint movement.

I shall continue using my limited pixel cameras until they wear out for they make everything else just too - literally - "in your face!"
Sydney Bush