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    Default F70EXR, TZ8 or just break the budget... X100!?


    I've just joined this forum to see if I could get a bit of advice, I am currently looking at buying a cheap, quality, digital camera (pocket sized) for every day use. I am a graphic designer and in the past have had a Nikon D70 with various Sigma lenses (but it was stolen!) and this year have been using a friends D50, both producing great photos. Unfortunately I don't have the budget for a camera of this quality atm but would really like to find a budget version that takes great photos.

    The be all and end all for me is getting a camera that takes the best quality shots for my money (colour fidelity, sharpness and exposure), if that means losing a few bells and whistles (ie. image stabilisation, face recognition, resolution, video etc) that's fine with me. The key areas I'm worried about are noise and lens distortion.

    It is really going to be an everyday camera, from random shots down the pub to art shows and exhibitions. People, landscapes, portraits, architecture and art will all be photographed!

    During my (one day research!) I've found two cameras that I'm interested in, they are the Fuji F70EXR and the Lumix TZ8. Both have had really good reviews by WDC and I have found them for quite reasonable prices (140 and 170 respectively).

    The F70EXR with it's EXR technology sounds like what it lacks in resolution (10MP), zoom (x10) and video quality, it makes it up in the quality of the image. I seem to remember the review mentioning the cameras ability to switch between several modes that really helps with combating noise and that there was nearly no lens distortion?

    The Lumix TZ8 on the other hand had an equally good review and was highly recommended, with it's higher resolution (12MP), 12 x zoom and better video quality. I would be paying for these higher specs. but am not convinced the final image quality would be better than the F70! The review mentioned some issues with exposure and noise reduction even at lower ISOs.

    So there's me conundrum, apologies if I've got anything wrong in my ramblings, I'm not totally clued up on all the relevant technical phrases or jargon atm!

    If anyone's got any advice, can recommend any other cameras that fit into my criteria... or just want to point and laugh at my ridiculous post feel free to join in

    Thanks for taking the time to have a look.

    ps or should I just stump up the money and go for a X100? I know, I know, delusions of grandeur. But it's probably what I'm looking just not within my 200 range!

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    Hi there. I cannot speak for the other cameras you mention but i own a fuji F70EXR and it is a joy to use and capable of incredible shots for its price. Have a look at the fuji shop on their website, i paid 75 for mine ( a refurb but as new with 12 months warranty.

    Here's a couple of shots i took with mine ( novice user at the time )

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    Wow - I love the first shot you posted grantbush. How beautiful.

    I just wondered if you came to a decision AP and if you went for the 1100D what it is like? I started off researching for a replacement compact but when I went into Jessops the other day and explained what I wanted it to do he said you need a DSLR! :/


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