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    Default newbie from south wales , u.k

    hello all , i just stumbled across this forum and hope you guys/gals can help me get to grips with my new camera.
    I recently bought a fujifilm finepix S1600 and its pretty much my first "good" camera.

    There is a lot i need to work out on it still like how to adjust shutter speeds, aperture and so on, so i was coming on here to see if any of you can help me get the best settings for the best pictures and also more knowledge about what i can actually do with this camera except for point and shoot.

    Hope to get a reply soon

    Many thanks in advance,


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    Hi Phil. I still have a Fuji S9500 which works great and has never gone wrong in 5 years. For a newbie, I always say place the camera in AUTO mode and it will then select the right combination of shutter speeds and aperture for any given situation, and your pics should be correctly exposed. Most amateur photographers use even their DSLR's in Auto mode, but for special occasions use MANUAL mode. You then have to select the right speed and aperture for a correct exposure. There's not enough space here to give an in depth answer, but there's plenty of info in the camera manual, or get a book from the library on camera usage. Also the WDC mag offers features on how to shoot good pics. All the best. Mike.
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    If you click on the Technique link on the nav bar it will take you to hundreds of articles offering advice and tips on taking better pictures.


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