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    Default Advice concering a first camera.

    I recently decided to buy a new higher quality camera. After much reasearch the best camera for me would be a Micro Four Thirds because of the high image qualty and interchangable lanes and the realative low prices for older models.
    My choices have been whittled down to either a Olmypus EP-1, Panasonic Gf1, Sony NEX-3 or a Samsung NX100.
    Which camera would you recomend ?
    Are there any other cameras i should be considering ?
    If it helps i have around 300 to spend.

    Please reply

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    The Sony and Samsung are mini APS-C rather than MFT and so have larger sensors.
    All four models will have plus/minus points, but for me the EP-1 and GF1 offer better general handling and usability - and as MFT format have the bigger range/choice of lenses.
    Only the GF1 has a built-in flash.

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    Thanks mate, just brought the Olympus today


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