I've been thinking about working with some other photographers like me that shoot photographs for a hobby,..

Here is my plan...

1) Make a team between 5 and 10 other photographers
2) Find a four locations through-out Europe (empty shops)
3) Rent these locations for 3 months at different times (basic 1 year tour gallery)
4) Create an photography art gallery displaying the photographs taken by us
5) Sell the photographs as well
6) Share the costs

I have other ideas to add, but this is just the basic..

But we pay for our own printing and equipement used for displaying our photographs..

Many persons who have seen the pictures I have taken said I should show them,, I'm a little scared of taken a full step forward.. I would like to test the ground first...

This is just an idea.. I would like to make it as a pro.. But would like to take it one step at a time and limit the risks..

Who would be interested?

Thanks in advance.