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    Default Cleaning my D40X.

    Hi all.

    I have my D40X now and wow picture quality blows my old compact away.

    I dont know if this is a good idea as i am new to this but i wish to clean my camera myself including the sensor.

    I know i can take it to be done at a dealer but belive it can cost a lot, i have seen a few you tube videos on it but i would your opinion on what to buy to do this the easiest and safest way?

    Thanks as always for any help.

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    Hi Yorkiebar
    Glad you liked the d40 . Are you getting dust spots on your photos?... graham

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    Thanks for the reply graham_c.

    Yes i did the trick of taking a picture of a well lit white sheet , zoomed in to 100% and there are some dark spots, quite a few actually.

    So i need to get rid of them, i was going to take it to local store but i will have to learn sometime how do it, plus in the long run i will save money and get the satisfaction from doing it myself.

    As said before i have seen a few videos on how to do it but would like the opinions of the good folks like yourself on this forum on the best way and the best equipment to buy. i have purchased a Rocket-Air Blower what else do you recommend?

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    Hi Yorkie
    I think i would get in done the first time by a professional.I know it is expensive but for the first time it might be money well spent. After that if you feel confident in doing it ,do it yourself.Hope this helps...graham

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    Thanks again graham_c.

    I have taken your advice and called my local camera shop and they have quoted me 40.00 and 3-4 days for the work to be done.


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    I had the same problem with dust spots. I bought a kit from VISIBLEDUST. Took my chances. I was gentle and it worked a treat. Hope you get it sorted. Regards. GAZ.

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    Thanks again for the comments.

    I will take it to the shop for the first time and get it serviced at same time as my friend who i bought it off has not used it for a couple of years.

    Then i will look at doing it myself from then on.


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