Hi Guys.

Am looking for a little advice re: a lighting kit for doing some portraits.
I have seen 2 kits which have caught my eye and are reasonably priced.
One is a 540W Flash Kit - Studio Strobe LIGHT, comprising:

3 x 180W Strobe Light
3 x 75W Modeling Bulb
3 x uk plug (with a EU adapter & a sync cable)
3 x Light Stand
2 x Soft box
2 x 84cm(33") umbrella
1 x wireless Trigger
1 x barn door
1 x Carrying Bag (72 x 25 x 25cm)

The other is Photography Lighting Kit with Muslin BACKGROUND, comprising:

3 x 36W Day Light Bulb (Energy Saving)
3 x Light Holder
3 x 33" Premium Black-Silver Umbrella
2 x Backdrop Support Stands up to 260CM
3x Section cross bar up to 3M wide
3 x light stand extend to 190CM
1 x Premium Black Muslin Backdrop (1.8M X 2.8M)
1 x Premium White Muslin Backdrop (1.8M X 2.8M)
1 x Premium Green Muslin Backdrop (1.8M X 2.8M)

Now, after all that, my questions are this.
For general portraits, is a light system which is constantly "on" or a flash system better?
Is 540 watts enough for portraits? Are these portable systems worth the money?
Can anyone recommend a good kit - both of these afr on Ebay but is there a better place to buy this kind of thing?