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    Default How can 2 PCs share the Media videos without USB ?

    I have 2 PCs, one in the bedroom as the other in the drawing room. Every night, when I want to watch movies in the drawing room-PC, I have to copy the movies with a USB. It is too troublesome. Can anyone give me solutions to solve it?

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    I also met this trouble in my house before. Finally I found two ways to make the trouble go away. ;-) try the following way:

    one is to set a shared folder between these two computers over home network. Thus your PC in your drawing room can access or see the videos in shared folder. Then you can watch it. But if the shared files are big in size, this is not a good way.

    another one is to use DLNA streaming way. Make sure that your two comptuers are dlna certified. Run windowns media player 11 to stream videos.

    If the file size is too big, you can consider buying a NAS to store your video library.

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    The answer from Vivianhelp is pretty good. Maybe it will be helpful for me when I have 2 PCs one day. LOL


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