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    Default d5000 lens newbie please help

    hi please bear with me i am totally new to this level of camera
    i have the standard 18mm-55m and a tamron think it is 80-300 but dont know if it is just me but the tamron lens seems of a poorer quality
    anyway as i use my camera for our family holiday to orlando i find that two lenses are not practical keep swapping and changing
    i am looking at the 28mm -300mm nikon but its about 720 would it be worth it or can anyone suggest another lens
    really confusing do you get me more features if you go with the nikon
    sorry if i am a bit thick

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    Hi Madpartyboy
    You could look at the 18- 200 lens it costs about 380-400. It's a good all round lens hope this helps... graham

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    thanks for that but i cannot find it for less than 600
    what website would you suggest for value and service

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    Quote Originally Posted by madpartyboy View Post
    thanks for that but i cannot find it for less than 600
    what website would you suggest for value and service
    Hi there, I use the Nikon 18-200mm and it's a cracker. Dealers like Park Cameras and Warehouse Express sell it for arond 529. I also own several Sigma lenses which are brilliant and I bought them because Nikon lenses are expensive, and you can see many of my pics in the gallery, most of them shot with Sigma. Sigma do a 18-250mm f/3.5-6.3 DC OS(optical stabiliser) for about 289.99 (Park Cameras) which should be a great lens, but it's important to buy the OS version. Mike.
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    Sorry but it must have been a misprint on the site i was looking at.I did find a sigma 18 200 on amazon that you could look at...graham

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    To be honest if you don't like the SIGnificent MALfunction i would stick to Nikon make ,
    I Have the nikon afs vr 70-300 g lens which is good for dx 105mm -450mm equivalent angle of view and also works on full frame or film cameras my f75 even meters and actuates the vr !!
    although maximum aperture is only f5.6 at 300mm its a brilliant sharp lens if the images are not sharp its not the lens or camera. Why put a CHEAP filter in front of high performance optics ( salt spray and sand or excessive dust maybe good reason ) sure to affect results and af performance. You could look for a used one from a dealer like grays of westminster online or camtech or ffordes all give guarantees on used gear . A good tripod or monopod helps too

    the only other option is a nikon prime for well over 1k

    what specific use do you need it for ??
    superzooms do it all and are great sometimes but not well at any focal length withoout a lot of compromise speed, weight, size, aberrations, opticall quality, distortion, they are cheaper than the separate lenses maybe a short wide to normal zoom and a medium to tele is better

    if you want sharp try a nikon 50mm f1.8 75mm field of view on dx any version from 50 used


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