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    Question eos550d picture quality

    Hi all,
    I have recently purchased a new 550 with the standard 18-55mm lense. This is my first SLR so I am a novice. I have taken a lot of pictures using different settings and they looked great when viewing on the camera´s screen. However when I transferred them to my Sony VAIO laptop (which is only a year old) the pictures looked completely different, lacking in the quality and sharpness I was expecting. I was very disappointed as they were much the same as I was getting from a cheap compact camera. I am taking the pictures at the largest size setting so as not to lose quality.
    I have not had a chance to viem them on a different computer. If anybody has any suggestions or advice it would appreciate it. I am away from home at the moment and may not have internet access for another week but will reply as soon as possible.
    Thanks in advance.

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    hi Stateline

    are you taken jpg images or taken raw formate images

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    Hi Blitz, thanks for the reply,
    I have take a few in RAW format but the majority in jpeg mode. I have started using Digital Photo Professional and have found that bringing the sharpness to the upper end of the scale is making a big difference.

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    Hi it would help if you posted a couple of shots with the settings you used try posting with the exif data. I have the 550d and I shoot in RAW and use the Av Tv or manual mode. What mode do you shoot in.

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    hi Stateline

    glad to hear your getting some were with your images it is a big step up when you move up to a dslr
    but what i find with most people is they dont get the right tools for the job way before i brought my Canon 500D i saved the money for a brand new pc and the editing software to do my images with learned how to use the software by doing google searches and looking on youtube so by the time i got round to getting the 500D i was ready at the time with a brand new model of Canon Dslr but had the other tools for the job to go with it as well there was no holding me back.
    So i think once you have got you some editing software as Canons own is ok but there are a lot better out there to do the job better the two i use are Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop Cs5 i swear by Adobe Software and as you put about taken a few images in Raw format if you have the hardrive space on your pc then take them in Raw you have total control over your images then in jpg
    the cam raw plug in both Lightroom and Photoshop are the same and are a life saver for getting your images ready for print or the web now adobe do a cut down version called photoshop elements if you can't afford the other Photoshop its not as good in my eyes but its better then Canon's own software
    and as wave as said let us now what settings your using as it is a art in its self getting the right setting in cam as well as editing them later on a pc any way
    hope this can help you out in some way
    all the best russ

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