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    Default Help needed in my first dslr

    Hi all thank u for reading my post here goes I want to by a dslr and don't no what one to by been looking at lots I have a budget of 500 pounds but don't have to spend the lot on it was looking a pentax k r / nickon d3100 The cannons fill to big and bulky well that's what I think. Also been looking at other entry level Sonys what do u lot think be best I want take pics of my son and for my fishing trips and going to Egypt in September Gary

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    For me I tend to not chose Nikon and Canon cameras only because I think they are over rated, for an entry level camera I would recommend looking at the pentax KX or KR, there are alot of pros to chosing pentax cameras, one being their lenses are cheap yet are good quality, another is you can use old lenses and if you compare the KR's specs to say the D3100 they are far better. But its up to you

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    Hi and welcome it looks like you have been and looked at a few DSLR's which is good so next what do you take pictures of. SDLR's usually come with a kit lens you can also specify your own lens, so knowing what you take shots of will help. From a lens point of view canon and nikon have the biggest range which also means that there are plenty of third party ones to choose from too. I wouldnt dismiss any make at this time till you work out what type of lens you may want. Good luck

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    Thanks for the replys heading more to the nikon d3100 as has built in guide what could be very handy

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gaz7c View Post
    Thanks for the replys heading more to the nikon d3100 as has built in guide what could be very handy
    Hi Gaz. As a Nikon user myself, I also own several Sigma lenses with Nikon fit. I find the quality of the images just great and many of these lenses can be bought used with a good guarantee and this makes them cheaper too. It's something else to think about. All the best.
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