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    Default Multiple choices...I think !

    Hello everybody in cyberworld,

    I currently have a PANASONIC TZ8, which I am not overly happy with....I want to upgrade to a camera that includes the following features:

    1.A camera that captures moving images crisply and clearly.

    2.Minimal delay between shots...I have tried the multi burst but the photos are a messy blur.

    I don't think that I am reaching for the stars with my preferences, but after asking a certain big chain salesman for his advice, I went with the TZ8...However after using the TZ8 I am not a happy bunny.

    The current choices are SONY NEX3/5 , PANASONIC GF1/2 , NIKON P7000 or RICHO C3/4/5 From what I can see.

    I would prefer not to carry lens around as they are added weight and size , when all I want is a camera to take good photos.

    However, to save me buying a new camera, are there any settings that could help me take the pictures I want on my TZ8 ?

    I will try these first and post the results if there is a way of uploading them to this site and if satisfied I will donate the money I would have spent to an Autism charity.

    Many thanks


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    Hi Steven. Sorry to learn you're having a spot of bother. There are quite a few cameras which claim to do wonders, but I always find that giving any potential purchase a thorough going over and that means giving it a real trial in or outside the shop, and checking the results carefully. The Ricoh CX4 carried some favourable results in the WDC test, such as 'A high speed shooter with some impressive video quality' Maybe you could give this model a workout?. If a shop won't play then what are they hiding?. The WDC magazine offers lots of info and tests in their Buyers Guide pages. All the best and good hunting. Mike.
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