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    Question Waterproof camera

    okey, so I have decided to buy two cameras, because there apparently are non waterproof cameras that take great shots. therefore I am looking for a cheap waterproof camera that takes decent photos. does anyone have any suggestions?

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    Hi Syn .There are waterproof covers that fit over cameras . Price depends on your camera

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    Hi there, I've found two Fujifilm cameras which are waterproof and shockproof, they are the XP10, (169) and the XP30 (199). Perhaps you can check them out to see if they are suitable for you. All the best, Mike.

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    yeah they look nice, thanks. but what exactly is the difference? ans is there any reason why you didn't mention the xp20?

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    Only small differences such as a 12mp sensor in the XP10, and a 14mp sensor in the XP30. I don't have any info on the XP20 but I can't see there being any major earth shattering changes.


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