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    Default What lens do I need for my Canon SLR camera for internal house photos?


    I have a Digital 350D Canon SLR camera and need a lens for doing internal house photos - often I find it difficult to get the entire room in sufficiently with the lens that came with it.

    Can anyone offer any advice on what I need as im completely clueless!

    Many thanks!!!

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    Hi John. I have my favourite lens for exactly the kind of pics that you describe, and it's a Sigma 10-20mm, f3.5 ultra wide angle lens. this lens scored a 95% in the WDC test and it's just awesome. It retails for about 600 but by shopping around it will be cheaper. You could also look for a used one with a warranty as long as it has a Canon mount. I have several Sigma lenses and they do a great job. Hope this helps, all the best, Mike.


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