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    Default Moving on from a compact camera. Advice please.

    My current digital compact camera (Panasonic lumix DMC-FS3) is on it's way out and I would like to move on to something else.

    I am fairly competent with the compact cameras but at times have found my current one a bit lacking on zoom and poor in low light. Generally it does a good job but I found on a recent holiday that I wanted something that gave better quality snaps. I often try to photograph my daughter horse riding in an indoor area and the light is dreadful, my camera can't cope with that. Plus there are times when i would like a bit more zoom.

    I am only an occasional photographer, mainly taking photos of family, holidays, pets and occasionaly landscapes and buildings if on a trip or a day out. The vast majority of my photos are of people though, particularly my daughter. I find that often she is rushing around or doing activities and playing when I take photos and it would be nice to have some extra functions to deal with movement and zoom etc.

    My brother-in-law has a great canon SLR but I just feel its to big and bulky for me and I would probably not take it out with me as much due to weight and size - defeating the object!

    So, what are my options? A higher end compact? Some of the Enthusiast compacts looked good on the What to buy guide? on this site. Something between compact and SLR.

    My budget is not huge, 200-400 ideally but could stretch a bit more if necessary.

    I really want to make a good choice this time, I have had 3 compacts in the last few years and have been disappointed with Sony and my latest Panasonic.

    Any advice and recomendations on which type of camera to focus on and individual recomendations would be great. I suppose essentially I want an easy to use camera that isn't too bulky but is a step up from the basic compacts.


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    Hi there, There will be many choices for you and the best way to go is to get a hands on feel of a shortlist of cameras by visiting a camera shop and trying them out. Given what you have said, why not look at the Panasonic FZ45 which has a huge zoom of 25-600mm, which will be enough for your type of pics, it scored an impressive 90% in the WDC test. It has image stabilisation and a 14mp sensor, and can shoot at 1600 ISO so that should be plenty for low light, myself I've never needed more then 1000 ISO for anything. Do try cameras out though then it will be your own informed choice, try before you buy, is the motto.! All the best, Mike.

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    Great, I will go and get hands on with some cameras. Thanks for the advice.


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    Quote Originally Posted by dinky73 View Post
    Great, I will go and get hands on with some cameras. Thanks for the advice.

    One other thing Dinks, don't forget to haggle for a good price, always ask 'give me your best price please' and if they won't play make it known that you are happy to try elswhere. Keep us in the picture, if you'll forgive the pun!! Mike.


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