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    Default Did i get a good deal?

    Hi everyone - yes im a noob lol but we all have to start off from somwhere

    To cut it short, i do a little ebay and always want good pictures on my auction's to help my item's sell proper ( i like the customer to know what he she is getting ) so i took it upon myself to buy a digital camera, i dont really know much - just the basics.
    Anyway i got myself an imaculate example of the fujifilm s-9600 - not the world's most powerful camera but it cost me 75 pounds GBP with an XD 2gb memo card worth about 10-15 on its own - comete with the neck strap, lens cap and the pettle cover, my first question is ( i also know this is a few yrs old ) have i been ripped off of is that a decent price for this paticular camera, i also know its not an SLR but it looked nice and i thorght what the hell - just buy it lol!
    I would like to also add that the idea of having AA batteries was pretty cool too - ideal for on the move i can just run into any shop if i have no power left.....

    2nd question is id like to learn some of the option's on the camera and what is best for taking pics as im new to this game, thanks for reading hope to hear from ya''ll soon

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    The answer to your first question is yes you got a good deal there.
    What i would do about your second question is go out with the camera set to auto and take some shots once you are comfortable with the camera then start to experiment with other settings.If you post some photos on the site we will look at them for you...graham

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    Hi there and many thanks for your quick reply!
    My main concern was that i got ripped off as the camera is a few years old but in the moment of excitment - well!
    this camera is only 9mp but it seems to be some what sought after and much loved by alot of people after taking time to read some reveiw's.
    I have taken some picture's but find that they look a little 'smooth' and dont lack detail but could do with abit of a boost if that makes enough sence

    another problem i have just noticed is that if i want to take RAW image's i need the correct software to open those DAF files any idea where i can obtain free software to correct this?
    thankyou so much for your help anyway

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    The mega pixel shouldn't be a problem, unless you are printing a large poster.I think adobe do a free dng converter for raw files Didn't the camera come with it's own software?..graham

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    hi again, no it was just what i mentioned in the origianl msg - no software

    on the plus side i got a good deal, i will post some pics when i get home tomorrow many thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by analouge_1986 View Post
    hi again, no it was just what i mentioned in the origianl msg - no software

    on the plus side i got a good deal, i will post some pics when i get home tomorrow many thanks!
    Hi there. I still have a Fujifilm S9500 which was over 400 when I bought it new in 2006, it still works great and has NEVER faltered in any way. If yours is the S9600 then this must have replaced the one I bought. I have no idea what differences there are, but I was well pleased with the images, and it has a good macro facility on its 28-300mm lens. I only found 1 drawback with these types of cameras and that is they all suffer from shutter lag, and this was a problem when shooting speeding objects. That's why I ended up buying my Nikon D300 DSLR. Otherwise you will find it a damn good camera. All the best, Mike.

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    I too had/have the S9500, a very good AIO camera with long zoom range and tilting LCD - OK small LCD by today standards. Never suffered the supposed command dial breakage/fault.
    From other forums I recall a potential issue with a loose/moving EVF on the 9600 - which Fuji seemed to indicate was normal...

    Is software not available from Fujifilm support site(s)?


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