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    HI all.
    Has anyone noticed the new nikon d5100 is positively anti left handed. All the buttons are all set to the right with one exception the menu button.when the LCD gets swung out if you are a south paw this is an accident waiting to happen.I am not suggesting that camera makers do a left handed version but a wee bit of thought in design would not go amiss.

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    I guess unless you are left handed you wouldn't notice. The reason the buttons have been re-arranged is to accomodate the hinge for the swivel screen. Actually you could argue that with the exception of the 5100 all Nikon DSLR's are prejudiced towards left handers as the buttons are usualy arrayed down the left hand side.

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    Hi snaps
    That's a valid point ,but with the screen swinging out it will make it a fumble for left handed people


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