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    Default Sony Alpha 200 problem after drop - advice please?


    I've had a Sony Alpha 200 for a few years but managed to drop it from about 1m height the other day. The UV lens filter took the impact and just has a small dent in it and the camera body etc is untouched.

    When I turn the camera on there is a whirring noise for about a second that didn't happen before; at a guess, I'd say It sounds like an internal motor trying to find an index or zero position. The camera seems to auto focus fine afterwards although I'm not sure about whether macro shots are as good as they were before. It still takes pictures OK, I think.

    I've taken the [kit] lens off the camera and it still makes the whirring noise at power up so I think it's an internal problem. I spoke to a local repair company and they said they don't deal with Sony equipment.

    Is there anything I can do with this camera myself? For example, are there any diagnostic tools or ways of getting the camera to self-test (e.g. holding buttons down at power up) that might produce an error code or similar?

    Does this sound like a common problem with this camera after a drop?

    Or, can anyone recommend a repair place that deals with Sony cameras?

    The problem is I go on holiday in a month and need the camera but I don't fancy spending almost as much on a repair as buying a new camera.....

    Thanks in advance,

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    Hi there, I'm so sorry to learn about your camera, and to me it does sound like an internal problem that perhaps only the manufacturer can advise you on, Could I suggest that you contact Sony by looking at their site; I couldn't find any phone numbers and it appears that you have to enter you camera model and other details in order to proceed any further. I wish I could say that repairs are cheap, but from what I hear they are not, however it seems the first task is to make contact with Sony and see what you can gleam from them, and I really hope that it can be cheaply sorted for you. All the best, Mike.

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    Hi .It sounds like internal damage. You local camera shop will give you in info on a good local sony repair shop.. graham

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    Thanks for the comments and help. I've been contacted by a repairer and it seems they agree it is the image stabiliser and total repair cost is 144. Not sure I can justify this vs the initial cost of the camera so I might just buy a decent compact instead and sell the Alpha for spares or repair.

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    Really sorry to here that. Good luck graham


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