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    Default Macro depth of field.

    Is it me or are all photographers happy with the very limited depth of field we get when using macro lenses. Even at apertures of say f22, there's still only a millimetre or two DOF. It is so annoying when very often we would like all of the image to be focused and not just the eyes for example. Now I'm sure that there is a perfectly good explanation for this given the technology required to make the lenses, and I would just love some manufacturer to give us this information perhaps in the pages of this esteemed magazine. When they have accomplished that perhaps they could then tell us what we want to hear; the next phase is to create a lens that will give us a really good DOF such as 25mm at f22. Imagine the kind of macro pics we could create then with all of our insect in focus, it would open up a whole new understanding of the term 'Macro'.

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    I also find this dof problem really annoying .


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