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    Default DIY Custom designed photo album

    hi every one
    thought id share this with you all here on the forum of what ive been working on the last few months it all started
    on the 29th jan 2011 armed with my Canon 500D & a HD Cam
    i set off to a place called the Parachute Centre Tilstock Airfield Whitchurch, Shropshire
    to shot and video a good friend of mine a young lady that did a tandem sky dive for her dad to help raise money for is Medication Appeal.
    After taken over nearly 500 raw images and a good m8 taken 4 hours of video of the whole day turning them in to a video posting all the edited
    images to my Flickr and video to facebook the only next stage was to make a photo album for this young lady & family. After weeks of looking
    on the web trying to find some were that would let me up load my custom built images as a photo album and not having to use there own
    templates i draw a blank so being the person i am i thought ill make my own so using over 300 images drinking gallons of coffee lol i made a 100 page A4 photo album
    so i would like to share this with you all the 100 images can be found her at my Flickr page
    and all so for a DVD of the whole day her is a custom built slideshow ive made using Adobe After Effects & Photoshop
    i can now say this is the end
    hope you don't mind me sharing this with you all here at WDC
    hope you injoy viewing

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    Very nice photos & effects there....i personally dont like photoshop although ive got a friend who adores it & is trying so hard to win me over lol

    have a look at my website....

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    Well done Russ very professional graham
    Puddle jumper tried your web site but couldn't get it

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    Nice work Russ, you've obviously gone to a great deal of trouble and it's paid off. Some clever imageing with special effects and I bet your friend was well chuffed. Mike.

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    hi all thanks for the comments
    the young lady that did the jump for here dad is away on hols this week she's not seen the photos yet she thought the ones i did that were not edited were great i cant wait to see the look on her face.
    puddle jumper had missed the e out of is name on the web site link graham m8
    and puddle ive seen your site before nice photos you take m8 i remember seeing when you posted it in the forum i think before


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