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    Smile Finding Macro subjects.

    It can be hard to find those elusive bugs and insects unless you know how to go about it. Sometimes those bits of wild unattended land can produce worthy subjects, and so can our own gardens if we know how to search. It takes time, and casually walking about usually only succeeds in scaring off any subjects. I find it best to sit near a shrub keeping still for a while, because your approach will have alerted any bug and it will slide out of sight, but when it perceives that there is no danger it usually appears again. I keep slowly moving around from shrubs to plants and NEVER get between the sun and a subject as this will tell it a predator is about to pounce and off it goes. Keeping very still after each time you move will pay off, just watch and observe what's happening in the greenery and it's surprising what you'll see that you didn't see at first. Moths have amazing camoflage and can only be seen after staring for a while at each leaf in turn. Each plant and shrub will have it's own types of guests, I only found out this morning that a brown and green shiny bug lives in our Lavender shrub, and nowhere else. It can be seen in the gallery. Yes patience is needed to find our macro subjects, but it pays off. A little practice is very useful and a lot of knowledge will be gained on what lives where, and how to photograph our little tiny friends. It's well worth practicing macro photography when there may be not much else going on, in the garden there's always something happening!.

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    What i do is leave a small corner of our garden solely for weeds.I find lavender plants are great for butterfly's an bees. When i take the dogs out their walks i always stick a magnifier in my pocket, then come back and pick up my camera... graham

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    That's very good my friend, and taking a magnifier is a good way to spot our tiny friends. I just use my glasses instead which do the job ok. Thanks for the tip Graham. All the best, Mike.


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