Hello, I hope you can help? . . .

I recently bought a Canon 550D with the standard kit lens (18-55mm). I took the camera out for some considered shots and was very disappointed in the resulting images that were reproduced. I'm still working on the camera to get the best out of it but this is besides the point.

However, I noticed that the resulting images I work with are best viewed in Microsofts 'Paint' application. This application has been around for year and years and is very basic but for whatever reason, it shows up the images from my camera in faithful detail.

The point of my query is that I want to put my images in a slide show and yet retain the detail which 'Paint' gives to individual frames, so to speak. I noticed the closest image slideshow viewer, which approaches 'Paint', is from ACDSee but Microsoft's Paint has the edge when it comes to individual frames. Alas I cant show the images as a slideshow with 'Paint', hence this request for help from the Forum!

If anyone can help, then I should be very grateful.