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    I need a digital camera with a remote socket for one of those long cables to enable self portraits of me and my fish captures. Camera specs do not seem to state whether the camera has one of those sockets (or I am looking for the wrong description). Can anyone help, don't want to spend a fortune and around 4Mp would be adequate. Thanks in advance for any replies.

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    Hi and welcome Popsbear. Are you looking for a compact camera? ... graham

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    Thanks for the reply, want something fairly easy to operate at a distance and often at night, with no hands, I already have a long pneumatic cable which can be pressed in the armpit or under a knee. Currently I use a standard digital compact camera with a complicated bracket arrangement which activates a plunger to press the take button, but need something easier to set up quickly for a shot or tow of me holding a fish, probably at night. resolution not very important as usually viewed on the web. Thanks

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    Hi . I've got one of those to . To be honest I've had more fun picking out my tooth fillings.Don't know of any compact that does cable release ,but the pentax optio s1 does a wireless remote. Like the zappers on your tv. I was looking for one and the Global editor told me about this.... hope this helps graham


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