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    Hi Guys
    Russ .Your story reminded me of an encounter i had in loch long a few years back back
    I was op in the hill overlooking the loch with a nikon d60 and a 35mm lens.This person comes up with a full frame canon and a very expensive looking lens and proceeds to tell me to get a real camera and gear.. I asked what the difference was , and of coarse he gladly told me in great detail. He then showed me a shot he took of the loch with the sky burnt out and the tress out of focus and said see the quality in the canon I replied If you show me where the talent button is on your f/frame canon i will gladly turn it on for you, until then you should take up something constructive like playing tiddlywinks . We gave him a nick name full frame bampot.
    Bob I Didn't think it was snobbish , just insensitive or a wee bit demeaning. I think now it's a case of least said quickest mended ... graham

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    If I can just add my comment here.
    I don't think Rob's comments were intended to be snobby at all. He was just expressing his view of what he'd like to see more and less of in the magazine, and I'm always interested to hear reader's views on this topic. The items he was requesting reviews of are not expecially outrageous, unusual or inaccessible and many of our readers already use them, as we see by our contributions. They may be expensive to some but not to others and of course there's always the likes of eBay.
    But likewise there are those who are more interested in compacts, superzooms and CSCs and this is fine too. We need to strike a balance and its only by soliciting views and engaging in debates like this that we'll know if we have the balance right.
    In fact Rob has drawn my attention to the fact we haven't updated the lens reviews section of the website in a while. I can assure everyone we're still reviewing them every month in the magazine, we just haven't posted them on the site, but I'll be fixing that shortly.

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    Well I use expensive lenses, but I've been building my Canon kit up for nearly 20 years, so over that time it's been a good investment. I'm interested in high-end gear, but I'm certainly no snob, and am just as interested in lower-end stuff. WDC has the great advantage of covering both.

    I was reading through an old edition - December 2005. It's so much better a mag now!


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