Hi Guys
Russ .Your story reminded me of an encounter i had in loch long a few years back back
I was op in the hill overlooking the loch with a nikon d60 and a 35mm lens.This person comes up with a full frame canon and a very expensive looking lens and proceeds to tell me to get a real camera and gear.. I asked what the difference was , and of coarse he gladly told me in great detail. He then showed me a shot he took of the loch with the sky burnt out and the tress out of focus and said see the quality in the canon I replied If you show me where the talent button is on your f/frame canon i will gladly turn it on for you, until then you should take up something constructive like playing tiddlywinks . We gave him a nick name full frame bampot.
Bob I Didn't think it was snobbish , just insensitive or a wee bit demeaning. I think now it's a case of least said quickest mended ... graham