I would like to take issue with Rob (Prize Letter June 2011) about the reviews covered in What Digital Camera. He complains about reviews of "point and shoot cameras", which "most of us wouldn't even consider buying" (how patronising is that?) and on the other hand, requests reviews on equipment (NOT cameras) that most of us could not afford, e.g. Sony 70-200mm f2.8 (£1849), Canon 70-200mm f4 (£1450) and Canon 24-105mm f4Lm (£1049) - all prices printed in the back of the same magazine. What world is this man living in?

Most people who buy what he describes as "point and shoot cameras" do so because either they do not want a DSLR system, or are satisfied with the results they obtain from their choice of camera. To describe all non-DSLRs as point and shoot cameras shows a lack of understanding of what is possible with these cameras. I have three Canon non-DSLRs, an SX120is which has a full complement of exposure modes (as well as all the scene modes which I do not use), a G7, which again has a full complement of exposure modes, and a recently purchased A1200, bought for the inclusion of an optical viewfinder.

These cameras can take brilliant pictures, which are easily enlarged to A3 size. Whilst not suggesting that they would compare to a top-of-the-range DSLR with top-of-the-range lenses, are at least adequate for A3 pictures viewed from normal viewing distance.

There is so much camera snobbery about these days, even more so than when film was king. What Digital Camera has, so far, not gone down this road, and it will be a sad day for ALL photographers when all that will be reviewed with be top-of-the-range gear.

What Digital Camera is just that - a magazine reviewing CAMERAS for ALL, and long may it continue.