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    I would like to take issue with Rob (Prize Letter June 2011) about the reviews covered in What Digital Camera. He complains about reviews of "point and shoot cameras", which "most of us wouldn't even consider buying" (how patronising is that?) and on the other hand, requests reviews on equipment (NOT cameras) that most of us could not afford, e.g. Sony 70-200mm f2.8 (£1849), Canon 70-200mm f4 (£1450) and Canon 24-105mm f4Lm (£1049) - all prices printed in the back of the same magazine. What world is this man living in?

    Most people who buy what he describes as "point and shoot cameras" do so because either they do not want a DSLR system, or are satisfied with the results they obtain from their choice of camera. To describe all non-DSLRs as point and shoot cameras shows a lack of understanding of what is possible with these cameras. I have three Canon non-DSLRs, an SX120is which has a full complement of exposure modes (as well as all the scene modes which I do not use), a G7, which again has a full complement of exposure modes, and a recently purchased A1200, bought for the inclusion of an optical viewfinder.

    These cameras can take brilliant pictures, which are easily enlarged to A3 size. Whilst not suggesting that they would compare to a top-of-the-range DSLR with top-of-the-range lenses, are at least adequate for A3 pictures viewed from normal viewing distance.

    There is so much camera snobbery about these days, even more so than when film was king. What Digital Camera has, so far, not gone down this road, and it will be a sad day for ALL photographers when all that will be reviewed with be top-of-the-range gear.

    What Digital Camera is just that - a magazine reviewing CAMERAS for ALL, and long may it continue.

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    Hi Roy. I have also found that much snobbery exists with certain types of 'photographers', who display an amazing capacity for arrogance with it. I will not even join the local camera clubs for that reason, where business men look down on anybody who can't afford cameras that start at £5000. A man I met recently had left a club after his amazing shot of a racing motor cycle was harshly criticized by, as he described, 90 year old judges who had a penchant for landscapes and all else was rubbished. I haven't seen the June issue of WDC yet, but as the letter you mention is the 'star' letter, then I anticipate more reaction and justly so. All the best, Mike.

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    Hi . I won't join a camera club ether simply for the same reasons a Mike(only club i will entertain is a club biscuit). I didn't find the letter arrogant or even snobbish but did find it demeaning towards compact users . What grieved me was the assumption that dslr users would not consider buying compact cameras. I have 3 dslr cameras and a few compacts /point and shoot( i am in different to whatever name is used just terminology to me ) and am always looking for out for more . As Nigel stated their is room for all reviews in the mag... graham
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    I too found the content of the June issue prize letter rather demeaning and snobbish, the same attitude I see so often when out shooting, where some people (usually Nikon owners) spend more time sneering at the cameras of others rather than using their own - or perhaps they have to look at others because they cannot use their own camera? However, there were other features when this snobbishness was evident, such as the profile on Alex Saberi - who asserts that only DSLR's are "proper" cameras - I lost interest in, and ceased reading, that feature at that point.

    As I had commented in a submitted letter responding to the May issue; itís good to still have a mag that continues to go against what has become the norm, and which recognizes that there are other cameras than DSLRs, and that not all photographers are DSLR-obsessed, and nor do all photographers subscribe to the mantra (largely driven by manufacturers and retailers, but supported by most mags) that we must "aspire" to own a DSLR.

    Over the years I have had 35mm, APS, and digital SLRs, but I am no longer interested in carrying round a bagful of kit. I have a Lumix G1 for when I go out with the intention of taking a range of photos; I have a Lumix FZ28 for when I go out and might want to take a range of photos; but mainly I carry my Lumix TZ10 for when I go out and want a camera if/when a photographic opportunity arises; and there's the Lumix FS7 that's always in the car. The feature on Charlie Waite in the May issue has perhaps edged me closer to completing the Lumix set and buying an LX5!

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    Eh wait, I got a prize letter? I have been yet to find out about this :O
    Thats the thread I started, if you read it, I stated lenses which I would like to have seen reviewed as I was looking at both of them to help decide whether to stay sony, or switch to canon, raising the thought of a dedicated 'review request section of the forum,' I had no intentions of raising photography snobbery...

    Also the canon 70-200 f/4 sells for under £500 and is very widely used, and the 24-105 sells for under £650 and comes as a kit lens with many cameras, so its hardly an irrational suggestion in my opinion.

    And also lets look at the obvious here, theres not been one lens review since october 6th, thats nigh on 9 months without a lens review, seriously?
    Yes point and shoot cameras are needed for any camera magazine, but to totally block out lens reviews?

    To quote what I put:
    "I know some things requested will be nigh on impossible to get to review, such as hasselblads, phase ones, gigantically expensive lenses and the like, but just everyday equipment used by your average photographer would be awesome!"

    My apologies for the whole snobbery thoughts by the way
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    if you knew me youd know Im about the least snobby person known to man


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