hi every one
right its not very often i ask for help as most of the time ill search on line to find the info i need
but after looking for this info i'm still not any wiser so i'm hoping some one on the forum can guide me in the right direction please
The info i'm trying to find is when i right click a image on my pc and bring up the properties and look at some of the info that's listed under the details tab under the part that says image there are two words im unsure about and would love to now what they mean
they are the words Compression and the other one Compressed Bits/Pixel as since i have been taken photos with my Canon 500D and all ways shooting in Raw once i have edited My photos in side Adobe Light 3 or Photoshop CS5 and saving them as a 8Bit Jpg the two words i have just put have never had any thing next to them
why i ask this i had a friend give me some photo's to look at of her shot in a studio taken with a Nikon Dsrl and in the one word that reads Compressed Bits/pixel after it on the right side it says 4 so is this just some thing that Nikon adds to the info of its images as in my own i have never seen any info next to it or is this some thing that makes a image better by doing compression to pixel's
hope some one can help me with this so i can under stand what the both words mean

cheers Russ