Sometimes I hate my digital camera even if it can take nice pictures.
Seeing the animal competition made me feel excited, wow... a chance to win a Nikon!
Even if I am British, there is always a kind of discrimination towards expats, I am not a U.K. resident anymore and therefore can't take part in the competitions.
I'm sure WDC will enjoy looking at my informal "Snapshot photographs", taken using a small hand-held camera, (an android mobile phone 3.2 mega-pixel ZTE-Link).
I'm proud of the pictures from one of my albums dedicated to Android Photography.

It is still quite a struggle to try and get nice pictures with a mobile phone. Well... the pictures can look nice but aren't always what you wanted, trying to capture animals/insects is a nightmare.
I'm happy with some of the images of cats that you would have seen in the competition if I was a U.K. resident.
I hope you enjoy my snapshots from France.