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    Question Grab shots! to take, or not to take?.

    Could I ask you to use your imagination for a moment?, you are in your bedroom looking out on a snowy field in winter, and suddenly a Buzzard swoops down and lands on a meaty bone you have put out 10 mins ago. The distance is about 120 metres from bird to camera. You can't grab your camera and rush into the field as the bird would quickly depart, so what do you do?. Looking at the Buzzard you know it's too far away for any chance of a sharp image, but this is a bird you've been dying to snap for ages. If any pic can be taken it will have to be from the bedroom window and then carefully as the bird is wary of any movement. Slowly you open the small window at the top, then poke out your 120-400mm lens and squint through the viewfinder, oh heck, you think, the bird is only a speck in size, but if I don't take a pic then I may not get another chance. You fire the shutter thinking 'oh well, it will only be for the record and not image quality'. Playing back your image you have to crop it to make the bird reasonably visible, but wow, look at the pixel count now, I think my blood count is higher!! I did this twice last winter, once before the snow and once while the snow was on the ground. On one of my pics a cheeky Raven appeared and tried to drive off the hungry Buzzard, no chance!!. On the other, Mr Buzz is scoffing down the meat off the bone which I had obtained from our local butcher, and really enjoying his meaty treat. I invite one and all to look at these two images and decide whether it was worth taking them, or not taking them as the case may be. What would you have done in my situation, given that snapping a wild Buzzard is very difficult where I live in a rural location, to take, or not to take?.

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    Hi Mike. Apologies to Tennyson fans Tis better to have shot and lost than never to have shot at all... graham

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    Quote Originally Posted by graham_c View Post
    Hi Mike. Apologies to Tennyson fans Tis better to have shot and lost than never to have shot at all... graham
    Hi Graham. What a brilliant quip, love it, and thanks for your support. Hope any Tennyson fans will not be offended by this modern photographic interpretation. Take care, Mike.


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