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    Default hvl-f42am well impressed

    Got given another of my for coming birthday presents today the Sony hvl-f42am, and have to say well impressed with it. Had a little play tonight to see what it could do. On my A200 it will operate wireless and sync wireless to 1/4000 of second. But on my A300 and new A550 it will sync at 1/4000sec on and off camera, what a bonus as I want to try strobist photography. Takes some getting use to with power settings but think I shall really enjoy playing with it. Oh to be 50 every year. Also got give the Sony 50mm F2.8 today as well yet to try that out. Well take care all and happy snapping Aidy

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    Hi Aidy. Glad to see you're taking in your stride the fact that your 50th birthday looms close, many years ago when I reached that age I thought it was the end of the world as I knew it!. It was only after I became an OAP that I discovered that life goes downhill from thereon. The body then complains when I ask it to do that which I have always done previously. Last Sat I was snapping away at motor cycle racing with my D300 and 120-400mm lens and for two days after the pain in my arms was dreadful, holding that weight up for ages took its toll for sure. Nice to see you're enjoying this new technology, I say make the most of time and really enjoy yourself rather than look back and say 'wish I'd done so and so' when I was younger!. All the very best, Mike.


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