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    I've commited to do a wedding this summer which is forcing me (not unwillingly) into a DSLR purchase. After the wedding I foresee it replacing both a ageing olympus superzoom and compact thats full of sand. I normally take landscape and wildlife shots while out walking and climbing but am firmly in the amateur category.

    I've tried, in the shops;
    D7000 - really like but out of my budget
    60D - liked but still out of reach
    550D - felt good in the hand and priced to allow me the standard kit lense plus money for something like the Tamaron 18-270 for post wedding use
    600D - pretty much the same as the 550D but I'm not fussed about the flip screen or video changes so would rather save the money
    D5100 - wanted to like this but compared to the canon 550D it felt cramped in the hand and this might out weigh the features over time.

    So should i bust my budget to afford the D7000 of 60D for better wedding shots or go for a lighter weight and cheaper D5100, 550D

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated

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    I should probably say I have used Canon film SLRs as a child but have no particular aligiance and I did a friends wedding last year with a D80 I borrowed about twenty minutes before the bride arrived at the church. I would like to be a little more prepared this time!!

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    Hi. As a Nikon user (D300) I'm biased anyway, but the test reports in this mag rate the Nikon D7000 higher than the 60D, which is around 200 cheaper, body only. I only have one Nikon lens 18-200mm because they are expensive. My others are Sigma lenses which make great images anyway. For weddings I use my 18-200mm and my 10-20mm. I use a Mecablitz flash which is awesome and works like a dream. A reflector plus an assistant works well also. He/She can arrange the people to be ready for the next pic while you are doing the current shot. Carry spare batteries and make sure the camera is fully charged. Be a good organiser and smile a lot and the day will go well. All success to you.


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