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    Default samsung or fujifilm?

    hi people im new here first post.

    just wanted to know i been offered a samsung GX-1L by a friend

    or do i buy the fujifilm finepix hs10 from local jessops shop?

    the samsung comes with two lenses to 55mm and a 200mm

    thanks dan

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    i looked at the compare site but i dont understand it fully so heres the link if someone could translate it for me lol which is best one to buy be greatful

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    im on a camera forum and people looked at this and no one knows about these cameras lol

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    Hi Buckle. Sorry for delay in responding but it is a bank holiday and most of us are out taking photos.What are you going to take photos of.. graham
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    Hi Dan. Don't forget it's a Bank Holiday and not many will be using the forum to give answers. The cameras you mentioned do different things and it depends what you want to photograph. I can't find any info on the Samsung, but the Finepix cameras are good value, my first one from 2005 is still great and works well. The HS10 has a big zoom range of 24-721mm, plus a viewfinder which I find essential. Not all cameras have one. The HS10 was tested last July in this magazine which said it was good value for money. It has a RRP of 439 but that is always negotiable and you should pay a lot less. On the info you provided that's all I can say at the moment. All the best.

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    Hi. Just read a review on the samsung and it is quite good. Apparently it is a joint build with pentax/ samsung here is the link hope this helps graham

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    well i be talking pictures of track day stuff eg bikes and cars, but also i want to take pictures of very upclose things like a flower or bee somthink along those lines.

    im stuck in the middle what to do as samsung is 5 years old now and tech has moved on since. but what do you think would be best for what im taking pictures of?

    thanks dan

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    Hi Dan,firstly let me say i mainly take landscapes,perhaps someone with more experience will give better advice.It seems to me that a 200mm zoom lens may not be long enough to get the shots you will be wanting.I would have thought a longer zoom might be required.What i would do is go to the seller explain what you want it for and try it out

    On close up photos the gx1l would be ideal but it might need a macro lens. You can pick up used ones quite cheaply i bought a 55 mm macro for 25 in a car boot sale.

    The hs10 will do all you want in a camera but it has a smaller sensor which means the photos although really good won't be quite as good as the gx1l, but still really good photos. If you don't want the bother of lugging a bag of lenses around give this camera serious thought
    From what i read on these cameras they both seem good cameras...good luck graham

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    the samsung only has 6mp as fuji has 10.3 will that make any diference?
    and the fuji has a 720mm zoom is that enough for what i would want?

    thanks for information its great!!

    many thanks dan

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    Hi ,I think we get to hung up on m/pixels it only determines the size of the photo when you print it. My first digital camera and i still use it is a 2 megapixel fujifilm A205s and it prints a 6x4 photo as good as my nikon d90. That's my rant finished,I would think a 720mm zoom would more than you will need...graham


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