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    Default What Digital Compact for Safari?

    Hi all

    Looking for some advice on what digital compact to purchase for taking on safari in June. I've chosen this size as i need something small which i dont have to worry about changing lenses on and is generally cheaper than DSLR or Micro four thirds. I know very little about photography which again means with a compact, I can more easily (i presume?) pick it up and take a photo without having to change too many settings.

    Two which have caught my eye are the Olympus XZ-1 and the Panasonic TZ-20. Looking at these in a shop, the olympus appears to have a better lens, however the zoom on the tz-20 was amazing. Other than these I am unsure what features I would benefit from when it comes to taking pictures on a safari.

    All and any advice welcome to help me choose between the above two camera's or recommendations on any others


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    Hi there.For safari pics a decent zoom will be beneficial and the TZ20 has one of 24-384mm, wheras the Olympus XZ1 has a zoom of 28-112mm. Both these cameras have no viewfinders so images will have to be composed while holding the camera out in front of you, and if the sun is shining on the screen it will be hard to see. I always say go for a camera with a viewfinder which will make composing much better as no light should interfere as the camera is held against your eye and the rubber eye-piece shuts out any light. All the best.


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