OK, today I am selling my iPad 1 64GB 3G for 450. I am planning on spending that money on photographic equipment. I will be saving some more money as well to reach my target fund of 700. I currently have two Canon DSLRs, the 450D and the 5D mark 1 with a canon 70-300mm F4.0-5.6, a canon 50mm F1.8, A canon 17-40mm F4.0 and a Canon EFS 18-55mm kit lens. My next purchase choice is between a Canon 100mm 2.8 L macro lens and a Sony NEX 5 with a 16mm pancake lens. The macro lens will help immensely but so will the NEX as I cannot carry my DSLRs everywhere and I could fit it in my pocket all the time meaning that I wont miss opportunities. But it means that I would have to start a new collection of lenses. I am having a huge problem choosing what to go for so I thought I would ask the surplus of enthusiasts and Pros at the WDC forums for help.

Please help !