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    Default 550D Versus 600D... Hi I am new here... so hi...

    Dear All,

    First off hello.

    I guess this question will have been asked on a number of occasions, but I have a specific angle to it and that is I am after a good solid video camera and stills camera. It seems that the 550D is a de facto camera for this with much advice around. Also it is now cheaper with the release of the 600D. In addition I could install Magic Lantern and get even better features.

    I realise that the 600D has the flip LCD, but there seems to be 150 difference for this, and also magic lantern is not available for the 600D so I am tempted to go for the old and trusted 550D at offer prices.

    I guess I am a novice with an ambition to do lots of high quality video for online display, HDR stills and standard stills. I did have a look at the Sony A55, but came back to the 550D due to it greater manual controls.

    Thoughts hugely appreciated.

    Many thanks,


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    Hi Sam, nice to meet you on the forum. Have you seen page 105 in the May issue of WDC magazine?. There are 4 cameras which attract ratings of 90-91%, and all the 'tec-spec' is there for you to peruse. This section of the mag lists DSLR cameras between 600-1000, which seems to be your range given the info you have mentioned already. Of course there's others priced 1000-7000, most have HD movie mode as well, so there's much to look at enabling you to make an informed choice based on your research. I wish you success in finding your objective. All the best.


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