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    Default Panasonic GH2 vs Canon 60D or 600D

    Anyone bought and used a GH2 yet ? Or a 60D ?

    I've briefly used a 60D and loved it, especially the multi-angle screen, which the GH2 has but this is also touch sensitive, is it just a 'gimmic' or really useful ?

    I'm interested in one of the GH2s or possibly the Canon 60D or maybe the newest 600D, price being a factor !
    I own a 400D plus extra lenses and accessories plus I recently won an EPL-1 twin lens kit, so I have 'feet' in both camps, DSLRs & Micro 4/3rds, and each system has its own 'pros' and 'cons' for using instead of the other.

    It would be great to have a proper comparison test of these models side by side to find out which is the best and how they compare as regards to features and handling etc.

    Maybe a suggestion for an 'in-depth' article/ test in the magazine ?

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    Have a look at this the site has a comparison sample image section where you can select two camera's side by side.

    Also apart from the reviews look at the forums section for the camera brands you are interested, in there are loads of users pic's .

    Personally I have a Nikon D5000 +the 18-200mmVR lens but I also have a Panasonic FZ7 which I think in decent light is brilliant.
    I do like to take low light shots so a DSLR as always been the best option for me(the D5000 has an Auto ISO function which is brilliant IMHO, as it kicks in if I haven't selected a high enough ISO for the shutter/aperture setting I have set, so I never get a failed shot) but the GH2 seems to have made up a lot of ground in the low light area, plus the shutter lapse has improved a lot ( another weakness of the mirror less Panasonics).Also the focusing is now much improved with the GH2.
    IMHO Panasonic will most likely give you a better result out of the box as most DSLR's require a degree of post processing although it is possible to change the in camera settings on my Nikon, I imagine Canon also.
    Good luck
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    We'll be comparing the GH2 against the 60D very shortly...

    As for 60D vs 600D... identical sensors and processors mean that, with the same lens on the front, the resulting quality is the very same. The 60D adds a far better build quality however.

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    i saw a review of these two cameras, both very gd, but, my god the gh2 is complex!! u effectively have to memorise the manual, or take it with you everywhere to know what everything means.... for example, in the video mode, there is a choice of 4 different modes.... but it is labled in letters, not like with canon where its either 1080p@30fps or 720p@60fps.... (hope that bit makes sense.)

    I have used a G2, and its the same thing.

    When it comes to pictures, the bigger frame size is going to help on the canon. but the gh2 does produce some nice images. the big differences will come when you blow them up or at high ISO's.

    The GH2 does have the advantage of being able to fit canon lenses on it (via an adaptor) which means for you, you wont have to get rid of any lenses.

    here's the review:


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