Much has been said on this subject and mainly about the technical aspects. There is however another aspect which I must mention because I don't recall seeing it said anywhere. I think we will all agree on the fact that photography seems to have had a revival, sure there have always been the die- hards, the faithful whose work we have admired. But now one only has to look at sites such as Flickr, and the WDC gallery to be aware of the sheer numbers of people who are enjoying and publishing their photography. I believe it is down to this factor; when we as humans set out to make something happen and at each stage along the way we have total control, then a sense of accomplishment is achieved when we can view our efforts, one hopes, with satisfaction. With digital photography we can manage every single step from exposure to print, nobody else can interfere with what we are doing, and better still, not mess up our best efforts. Let me enlarge on that, when I was only exposing film, and I have to say with my good Pentax SLR cameras, I took great pride in making sure that all was well before I pressed the shutter, composition, frame filled etc. I like to think that after 50 years I learned a few tricks, anyway, after all this the film then had to leave my hand and be given over to the processors. When one sees what came back, eg, heads missing, feet chopped off, colour casts etc, then the disappointment is huge. Check out the negatives, yes all the missing bits are there,so what went wrong?. After years of this treatment I blew my stack and said goodbye to film, and hello to Digital,and I was one of those who said that digital would never catch on and be as good as film. I have,humbly, eaten my words with pleasure!.