I have only recently joined the Forums and upon looking at the quality of the pics there, I'm blown away by the skills of the folk who took these pics. I'm sure that the change to digital has much to do with this as we have the ability to control each stage of the process from shooting to printing. Learning how to accomplish these various tasks engenders enthusiasm that I did not have with film, because now matter how good your camera was, and no matter how good were your techniques, once you had exposed the film and handed it over to someone else to develop and print then all further control was given up. Some of the gallery pics are worthy of much publicity, sure I know that some are not as good as others, but the folk who take such pics need encouragement and advice from those who can give it with a view to helping that person to become a better photographer. There is absolutely no excuse for anyone to be unkind over less than perfect pics, I remember a saying my old Grandma would readily quote when she heard someone being unkind, "If you can't say anything nice, keep your mouth closed!" I think that we can all benefit if we heed sayings like this. There are so many skills required in photography and if each time any of us got it wrong someone slagged our efforts, how would we feel?, like giving up?, some probably would. I've heard all the "you have to be cruel to be kind" quips, but I don't know anyone who did well under this rubbish, do you?.