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    Default Not sure what to go for, little advise please?

    Hi Guy's,

    This is my first posting on here, so apologies if i'm covering old ground.

    I've been using a Lumix TZ5 for a couple of years now, and to be honest, it's not been to bad, but i have notice that it struggles on low light pictures, and on full zoom is difficult to get a good pictures with.

    I was thinking of moving up a little, and possibly going for a bridge type camera, i'm not sure i really need to go for a full SLR just yet as i'm most certainly no expert
    I do enjoy getting pictures at might and in low light conditions, as well as a lot of close up stuff as well. if anyone could suggest a few for me to look at, i'd be really grateful. budget wise, I've got about 250 - 300 to play with.

    Thanks in advance for any advice.

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    Hi , I find it very useful to do a search in the pages of WDC magazine, and look near the back under the appropriate heading, eg, compacts, DSLR's, etc. There you can look at your price range and then check out the reports on the cameras listed. I find this is best because you will make in informed decision based on your own research and not someone elses opinion. In the May issue the price guide starts on page 105. Please give it a try and while doing this you are teaching yourself a lot about all the various cameras and what they will do, and then when you have made a shortlist you will finally whittle it down to buying the right camera for your needs. Good hunting.


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