Ok so I'm not very bright because I cannot work out WHY the best lenses for the job cost so much of our hard earned dosh. The more we get into our beloved photography the more awareness we have for realising that the lens we need to produce the best images cost more than a good used car, can someone please tell me why?. Take wild bird photography, when you wish to photograph a very small wild bird such as one of the warbler family which are only a few inches in length, then it becomes very clear why you need the best. These birds are very illusive and prefer to stay out of sight. IF you can get one in your viewfinder then it looks really small, too small in fact to take the pic. Bear in mind that you have to stay a long way from the bird anyway. To get the bird to FILL THE VIEWFINDER you will need something like 800 or 1000mm in focal length, I have never met anyone in my life who has a lens like this. We could all find our photography so much more rewarding if we could afford the lenses to do the job right. Our photography it seems is a domain for only the rich who can afford these lenses and can produce the desired results. Is there a hobby out there where all are equal and can produce the same result with the same amount of expenditure??. That's my moan for the day, what's yours??.