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    Default SD card class query

    Hey guys,

    I recently bought a Panasonic TZ7- the guide says it needs a class 6 SDHC card. My question is can I get a higher class and if so, does it actually benefit? I understand the differences between the classes- writing speed and so on, but I don't understand if getting a higher class neccesarily means better videos.

    I can buy a class 10 for only 2 more than a class 6, but will this make any difference the the photos and videos I take?

    Many thanks for any help. I know as a novice, I must sound stupid lol.


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    Default Class 6

    I have the TZ7 and the Panasonic camcorder TM 60 with class 6 Transcend SDHC memory cards, and have not had a problem with stills or video.

    I did read of a few problems with class 10, so at the moment, I'm sticking with 6.

    If you want to try class 10. Buy from someone like Amazon, so you can get your money back if it fails.



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    Thanks for your advice Chris. I think ill probably play it safe and get a class 6 one too then. I bought this camera for a specific event coming up in may, which is obviously very important to me, so Im anxious to make sure nothing goes wrong lol.
    Much appreciated, Ash


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